These are pre-built apps for Microsoft Teams that you can use out of the box. We can also customize them to meet your needs.


Streamline expense reporting by extracting the merchant, date, and purchase amounts from a picture of a receipt sent to the app. The app will respond with a form containing the extracted values which you can edit and add any comments. The final values are then sent to your email where you can either use an inbox rule to forward them to your bookkeeper, or trigger a workflow (e.g. Power Automate, Zapier, etc.) to send the data into a spreadsheet, accounting software, etc. The first 100 receipts are free, after which you can purchase a subscription. Learn more

Shared Thread

Shares a thread between channels for external collaboration, as an alternative to email or a shared channel. It works like a conference bridge, but for messages. One channel starts the shared thread and provides the thread ID for other channels to join. Only replies to a shared thread that @mention the app are shared, so the same thread can be used for both internal and external conversation about a topic. The channels participating in a shared thread can be in any organization. As an example, HR could share a thread with an outside recruiting firm to discuss a hiring project. Learn more